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The Replacements

Sadly, this isn’t post about the fabulously bad sports movie starring Keanu Reeves. But it does involve chocolate! Hooray!

Today marks the last day that I am allowed to eat anything that may contain unsustainable palm oil!

Much like the hurricane supply runs of old, I headed up to my local supermarket this morning in order to stock up on some much needed and delicious supplies that will keep me from being tempted to raid the pantry searching for snacks to devour.

Here is what I found!

Sanatarium Natural Peanut Butter Smooth ($3.05)

Seeing as I can no longer have Kraft Peanut Butter on my toast, but not wanting to give it up entirely, I opted for the Sanitarium brand of Smooth Peanut Butter, which is actually in the health food section, not with the other spreads. It’s made with peanuts….and that’s it! Seriously, that’s all it says under ingredients; Freshly Roasted Peanuts (%100)
Although it’s a little runny compared to other Peanut Butters (I may have to keep one in the fridge), it’s got this great, real peanut taste, that reminds me of the Peanut Butter mum used to buy from the chemist, where you could actually grind the peanuts yourself and watch them turn into a paste. Yumm. I’ve already three Salada’s smothered with this (they are also Palm Oil Free! )

Ocean Spray Craisins ($3.89)

A good friend of mine introduced me to these beauties just recently, and I’ve very quickly become addicted. I’m actually eating them now, as I’m typing this. Craisins, as the clever branding suggests, are just dried cranberries, or cranberry raisins. The only two ingredients listed are cranberries, and sugar, without any form of oil in sight! And they’re as addictive as M&Ms; you know that thing where you unconsciously keep reaching into the bag, until you realise you’ve eaten a whole packet? You can do that with Craisins too! expect this time, you wont be hurting the environment!

Snappy Soy Crisps ($3.49)

Soy crisps are a no brainer for me, I’ve been eating these since I was a little kid. Snappy Soy crisps are on my list of palm oil free products, and thus make the perfect replacement for all the different chip brands that I’m not allowed to have. Yummy!

Green and Blacks Organic Milk Chocolate ($3.99)

I could have bought a big block of Cadbury Dairy Milk, which is also Palm Oil Free, but instead I decided to deviate and treat myself to a block of Green and Black’s. Just glancing at the ingredients listing, I noticed the word Organic pop up at least 5 times, and no trace of Vegetable Oil. Almost everything in this is organic, hence the rather hefty price tag ($4 for a 100g block), but I feel that having less of a better quality, more ethical bar a chocolate is better in the long run for everyone involved, including myself. I can’t wait to crack this open tonight while catching up on Mad Men!


These palm oil free snacks came to a total of $14.42. With the exception of the chocolate, I would be hard pressed to find similar, unethical snacks much cheaper than these, with the exceptions of those products on special. None of these products were on special, and yet I noticed as soon as I walked into the supermarket that Shapes, which are made by our not so good friends at Arnott’s, were on special for $2 a box. Had I not been partaking in this lifestyle change, I would have gone for them.
I know that the big chains like Coles and Woolworths choose popular products to put on special in order to encourage people to buy more, more more! But the way I see it, spending a couple of extra dollars on food that I don’t even need, like chocolate and crisps and dried fruit, and perhaps even eating a little less of them, seems a small price to pay to keep my consumer conscience relatively clear.

Now I’m off to eat the rest of my Craisins and watch Mad Men. Are there any replacement snacks that you’ve found that you would recommend? I would love to try them!


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