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Day One!

Today I smashed the bottle of champagne on the ‘no palm oil’ ship and sailed off into the sunset, perhaps never to be seen again! How exciting!

I woke up this morning, bleary eyed and still feeling full after a late night Craisins and Green and Black’s gorging session. In hindsight I should have probably put them away to save for today, but if you’ve learned anything about me from this blog it’s that I don’t have much self control when it comes to food.

Breakfast: I often opt for sleep over making enough time to have breakfast, especially if I’m getting up before 10 am. So today I was able to stick to my normal routine, with a cup of tea to go in my Keep Cup. I love my Keep Cup, I take it everywhere, and it’s so much better than paper cups, for the environment, and for not burning my hands.

Lunch: Lunch, however, was a little different. Unless I make my lunch the night before, which doesn’t happen all that often, I opt to not make lunch and instead buy a cup of 2 minute noodles from the work tea room. This fallback, however, is no longer an option for me, because these noodles contain vegetable oil, and possibly palm oil (must find out!), and thus I had to put a little more effort in today! I decided to try out my new Sanitarium peanut butter on some Helga’s bread (which is also Palm Oil free.)

Snacks: Soy Crisps!! I had half a packet last night, and polished off the rest today with no problems!

Dinner: Mum used my Craisins in her Moroccan chicken with rice, chickpeas and pumpkin! Yum! It was really delicious, and palm oil free!

Dessert: Green and Black’s Milk Chocolate. This could become an expensive obsession!

Today seemed almost unnervingly easy, but being distracted by a full day of work could definitely have had something to do with it. It’ll be interesting to see how I go this weekend, as festivities and free time parade tasty, palm oil laden treats under my nose! Will I be able to say no?


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