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Day Two

Hello! Thankyou for joining me on the second day of my challenge! This post is a little later than I would have liked, but for reasons of which I shall explain in Day 3!

Day Two proved to be a little more challenging than the last, but only when Dinner and Dessert was concerned.

Again, having to get up for work, especially on such a cold morning as we had yesterday, meant that I skipped breakfast and instead chose tea. I had two cups of tea this time, which in the end gave me the illusion of feeling full to get me through till Lunch.

Leftover rice from last nights dinner. Yum!

Snacks: The last of my Craisins. *Sigh*

Dinner: This is the tricky part. I went straight from work to my boyfriends house for dinner, and, being a Saturday night and all, Kebabs were on the menu. Taste wise this was not a problem, as I love kebabs, but it did get me thinking; is there palm oil in the flatbread? What about the garlic sauce? I ended up having one, because I was starving, and for other reasons explained at the end of this post.

Dessert: This was definitely a test of my resolve. My boyfriend Kyle, the clever man that he is, had made jelly slice earlier in the week (using the new Phoenix Raspberry soda!!),  and I was hankering to try some. Until he pointed out to me that he had used Marie Biscuits, and asked ‘Do they have palm oil in them?” Well, my spirits, and my face by all accounts, just dropped. I investigated, but in the back of my mind, I knew that they would contain palm oil. And they do.
We talked about me just eating the top and giving him the biscuit base, but in the end the idea was abandoned. *Sigh*

Day Two made me realise that eating out is going to throw up a couple of challenges for me, if I want to stay pure of unsustainable palm oil. The fact that most chefs will have no idea whether or not their products contain palm oil in them, let alone whether or not that palm oil is sustainable, makes it difficult for me to pick and choose. And I’m not going to lie, I would feel like a bit of a tool for asking whether or not my chicken Kiev is also stuffed with palm oil when chances are the waiter’s guess is as good as mine.

This just adds to the many many reasons for palm oil to be represented under its true name, and as a separate ingredient, so that EVERYONE, restaurants included, can have the choice to go sustainable or not, and so that these questions can be answered.

As far as eating out goes, unless I am certain that component of the meal contains palm oil, I’m going to eat it. I will try to opt for a meal I am certain about when I can, and I will try my best to choose ethical food establishments, like Friends of the Earth on Smith St and the South Melbourne Commons, but when I can’t, as was the case last night, I’ll have to cross my fingers and hope for the best. I hope you don’t think too badly of me.


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