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Day Five


So far, the responses I have been getting to my palm oil project have been very positive. Thankyou so much to everyone who has been reading, following or sharing my message; I’ve already learnt heaps, and am feeling really great about it. And I only have to walk past orangutan friends on my lunch break to remember why I’m doing this; their gorgeous, inquisitive faces are the perfect motivator.

Breakfast: Tea. You can probably tell that unless I have a good hour to scramble some eggs or cook up a nice breakfast, I tend to go without. It’s a bad habit, and one that I really do need to break.

Lunch: Sanatarium Peanut Butter and Beechworth Honey Sandwich. A bit oozy, but yummm!

Snack: Freddo Frog. I know I know, they’re not very healthy, but they’re delicious and palm oil free.

Dinner: Dinner was a new experience; I went to the Rochester Hotel on Johnston Street with some work friends, to have dinner, drinks and farewell Mikaela, who is off travelling for three months, and volunteering in Africa, no less! Lucky her! I was told by many of those who had eaten there before that the Nacho Parma was the way to go, so I went for that.  But what is a Nacho Parma I hear you say?! Well, it is exactly what it sounds like; Nachos, on a chicken parmigiana. It even had corn chips. Sure, it sounds a kind of weird, hybrid meal, but it was DELICIOUS! If you’re ever at the Rochie, you must have one.

Dessert: Nothing. Unless you count Pear Cider and cocktails as dessert.


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