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Day Four

Day Four

First of all, Happy World Environment Day everyone, for yesterday! I know I’m a little late, and for that I am sorry! I spent the day at work, trying to get people excited about wildlife conservation whilst selling plush toys, coffee mugs and envirobags. Not particularly glamorous, but still important in my book. What did you guys do? Did you catch any cool public events or displays?
This years theme was Green Economy, which I think is very relevant to the palm oil industry and it’s involvement in the economies of developing countries, as well as our own. If this is something you’re interested in, may I suggest this article released by the World Wildlife Fund in April this year.

Day Four was a great day; my dear friend Brogan is finally home for good, after spending six months overseas studying social work in the Phillipines! It’s crazy the stuff she had to go through, but I’m so proud of her for trying to make the world a better place! On paper it sounds very Miss Universe,  but when it comes to the crunch that’s what she’s doing, and it’s inspired me to try too, through this, and hopefully through my work in the future (whatever that will be).
I also visited the True Self exhibition at the GPO in Melbourne; it’s a beautiful collection of artworks by some very talented creators and illustrators from the Jacky Winter Group (one of my favourite illustrators, Emma Leonard, has done two pieces. I was drawn to this because of her involvement, and because of the concept; these artworks are a composition of two artists, sent from one to the other in the post. They’re essentially visual chain letters, and you should definitely go see it, it’s on until the 24th of June. You can buy the pieces too, if you like one so much you want it in your home, and all the money raised by the project goes to charity! What’s not to love?

Breakfast: Tea and peanut butter toast. I haven’t got sick of this peanut butter yet!

Lunch: Pasta and parmesan cheese. I love this combination; so simple, yet so tasty! I lived off this during my year 12 exams, it’s my ultimate comfort food.

Snacks: Coffee from thousand pound bend. I love this café, it’s just off Elizabeth on Little Lonsdale street. It’s like having coffee in a really gorgeous vintage store, with a gallery tacked on to the back, and I spent two hours there, drinking coffee and writing up this here blog.

Dinner: Roast pork and vegetables.

Dessert: None. My dad bought this really delicious looking icecream; it’s called chocopolitan; it’s like neopolitan but it has vanilla, chocolate, and chocolate chip icecream instead of strawberry. Unfortunatly for me, not only does it contain unknown vegetable fats, it’s also made by Nestle. So I had to go dessertless; oh cruel world, why do you treat me so?


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