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A Letter to…Specialty Cereals

So I’m about to send off my first batch of letters, asking the companies that produce some of the foods in my pantry, products that had Vegetable Oil listed in their ingredients, but had no indication as to whether this was palm oil, let alone sustainably produced palm oil.

My first letter is to Specialty Cereals. Specialty Cereals, a branch on the every expanding Kellogg tree (did you hear that they just bought Pringles off Proctor and Gamble for billions of dollars?), and the maker of Be Natural Trail Bars.

Here’s my first draft! I am open to all comments and constructive criticism, so please don’t hesitate to give feedback!

To Whom It May Concern

Hello! My name is Tegan Webb, and I am contacting you, the makers of Be Natural Trail Bars, to not only commend you on a delicious product that I have enjoyed on a number of occasions, but with the hope that you would answer answer a couple of my questions regarding this particular product.

I have recently embarked on a personal quest, of sorts, to only buy products that contain sustainably sourced palm oil, for ethical reasons. As I’m sure you would have heard, palm oil plantations are the major course of deforestation in many parts of South East Asia, and as an animal lover this concerns me considerably. I’ve noticed that these bars contain Vegetable Oil, but as palm oil is not required to be labelled, I wanted to ask you 1) Is the Vegetable Oil listed in your ingredients Palm Oil? 2) Is this pal oil sustainably sourced in accordance with the Round Table of Sustainable Palm Oil Criteria and 3) If not, would you ever consider switching to the use of sustainable palm oil?

I must commend you on your environmental efforts in your relationship with Landcare, and I really hope that your answer is yes to using sustainable palm oil as well, because these bars really are delicious, and I don’t want to have to cut them out of my diet!

Thankyou for your time, I hope to hear from you soon!  You can contact me at my email or at the address provided above.

Yours Sincerely

Tegan Elizabeth Webb

Let’s hope they have an answer for me!


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