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Day Six

Good morning friends! I can’t believe I’m already six days in! I feel as though I’m really getting into the rhythm of things, I can barely remember what mint slice taste like! Well…that’s not true, but it’s getting easier not to think about them. Baby steps!

Breakfast: Tea and Brazil Nuts. I’m catching on to this whole Breakfast craze. I think it could take off any day now.

Lunch: Pork fritters, and leftover pasta bake, made of San Remo penne, mushrooms, capsicum, spinach and parmesan cheese. I love leftovers for lunch, it’s my favourite of all the lunch options.

Dinner: Homemade Pizza. My mum really outdid herself with this one; sweet potato base, with spinach, mushrooms, chicken, mozzarella and feta cheese. I wish I could take some for lunch tomorrow, but there aren’t any pieces left!


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