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Day Eight


Hello friends! I’m sorry these last posts have been a little late, I’ve been trying my best to keep you updated!

As the days roll on, I’m finding it easier to say no my forbidden foods; it has become easier to resist the allure of the chocolate collection in the work tea room, and the Shapes in the bottom of the pantry. I’m also finding myself thinking more about the foods I choose to eat, rather than always going for the easiest, most convenient options, and expanding my consumables horizon! I’ve also found that it’s giving me the opportunity to be a little more creative with my food choices, and is thus making meal times a lot more interesting and fun!

Today was an excellent day food wise! I also got the chance to have some drinks and a boogie with dear Brogan, the first time in about seven months! It was so fun!

Breakfast: Peanut Butter Toast AND Tea. I’m getting better, I’m aiming for some sort of egg dish  before 11am in the very near future.

Lunch: It was such a busy day at work that I didn’t get a chance to eat lunch until about three. Needless to say, I was starving! Knowing that the cafe I usually frequent would be closing its kitchen, I decided to take a chance on Smith Street. I came upon this sweet little deli tucked in between a cafe and a bike shop, which claimed to serve freshly made pasta! Thankfully, there was still a little bit left, and I ended up getting some Penne with a lovely pesto creme sauce.

As you can see,  I very much enjoyed it. I didn’t realise what a difference it makes having your pasta made fresh! I really loved this place, the woman who served me was so incredibly nice, and the decor was very quaint and homely; lots of mosaic and Mediterranean knick knacks.I wish I could tell you what the name of the place was, but I couldn’t find it written anywhere, and was too shy to ask.

Dinner: Dinner was also a splendid affair! I met Brogan after work at the Taco Bill on Russel St. If you’ve been to a Taco Bill in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, you’ll know that they do feel feel like a franchise restaurant, but the one in the city is almost completely different; it feels much more like an independant mexican restaurant, with all the colour, and perfectly themed decor (and the line to get a table!). The wait staff there are always really fun and friendly, and  the food is delicious!
Having only eaten a few hours ago, I opted for a small plate of nachos, and Brogan had some vegetarian fajitas, and one of their famous margaritas. Brogan is a full fledged vegetarian, and I’m going to be interviewing her about some of the foods she found hardest to give up for an upcoming post! So stay tuned if that sounds like something you’d be into!

We then went to the European Beer Cafe, for some Cider and some dancing! It was a great night, even if we did have to run through the streets in the pouring rain, with poor Brogan in her stocking feet, clutching her shoes!

I’m going to try and start frequenting smaller, independant restaurants and cafes, rather than large food franchises, even ones like Taco Bill, in order to support local buisness. If you know of any great places I should visit in the Melbourne area, please comment below and tell me!


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