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Day Nine

Welcome to Day Nine of my no unsustainable palm oil challenge! Thankyou to all of those who have been reading, favouriting and commenting on my posts, it really does mean a lot! Special thanks to Jess from A Lot On Your Plate and Christine from Texana’s Kitchen for following, and to my friend Chris for giving me a such a lovely share on Facebook! You guys are awesome!

Today was a little more challenging than most, as my meals generally tend to fall into both the “convenient” and “fried” categories after I’ve been drinking. They also usually have the ‘Mc’ prefix in their names, and although said franchise has committed to using sustainable palm oil (yay!), they’re bad for various other health and ethical reasons.

Breakfast: Couldn’t even manage tea today! This morning was a get up get dressed out the door with ten minutes to spare affair.

Lunch:I still managed to pack myself some lunch though, a chicken sandwich that I toasted for some good old fashioned comfort food. I may have also bought a vegetarian spring roll from the Thai kiosk. What? I hadn’t had breakfast, and it’s ok to eat oily, deep fried pastry if it’s stuffed full of vegetables right?

Dinner: Sweet and Sour chicken with veggies and rice. No dessert for me tonight, I really need to go and get me some more Green and Black’s, or something of equal deliciousness.


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