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Day Eleven

Hello friends! Welcome to Day 11 of my palm oil challenge! I’m trying my best to keep these updated, so I’m actually writing this on my iPhone on the way to work! Technology eh?

Day eleven was a lovely day; despite working in retail, I managed to score the day off and everything! So in the spirit of the Queen’s Birthday, I spent the day with my lovely, sleeping to 11, making soup, and watching the Tony Awards. Neil Patrick Harris is such a dream boat haha!

Breakfast: Raisin Toast and Tea! Since goodman fielder switched to using sustainable palm oil in their breads, I can have my raisin toast! I couldn’t, however, have the butter spread that Kyle was using, so he microwaved some regular butter for me. Yum!

Lunch: A cold, lazy Monday afternoon is the perfect time to make soup! I have to give most, well, all of the credit to Kyle for this one, because he did most of the work. I tried to help, honest I did, but efficiency is not my strongest quality, at least when it comes to cooking! But it was so good! If you would like the recipe for our Sweet Potatoe and Coconut Soup, click here!
It’s Soup-erb! (sorry)

Snacks: Lint Excellence Intense Mint! Finally, something palm oil free is on special! And it’s almost as good as mint slice!

Dinner: Roast Chicken and vegetables, a standard winter fare in our household! Yum!

Dessert: The rest of the chocolate! Oops!

Once again, if you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contanct me! I’m also open to discussion of Neil Patick Harris’ spectacular hosting qualities, and the adorableness of James Corden’s acceptance speech!


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