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Day Twelve

Day Twelve, lovely people!

One of the many great things I’ve noticed about this challenge is that people like to ask questions about it. Usually I am rather wary of this, because by nature I am quite a shy person and often see questions about my lifestyle as a personal attack on the way I live. However, this has helped me to learn that people are, in general, not out to get me but are genuinely interested in the cause. And now I love it when people ask me why I’m not eating palm oil, because I truly believe in what I am doing.

Breakfast: Tea. Getting up early is not good for my stomach.

Lunch: Peanut Butter on Saladas. Not the most inspired lunch, but yum and filling nonetheless.

Dinner: Nacho’s Grande. Tuesday Night is trivia night at the Rochester Hotel, and luckily for me the food is just as good as the questions (and the beer!) They aren’t stingy on the guacamole or the sour cream, either! So good! If you ever decide to come out for trivia, watch out for the Zooperfreaks!


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