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Day Fifteen

So I’ve made it halfway through this month without knowingly ingesting unsustainable palm oil! Hurrah!!! I think it was a famous mountaineer that once said ‘It’s all downhill from here!’ which I guess makes sense if he had made it to the top of the mountain. I don’t know if this is the right analogy for my journey, but it’s the best I could come up with.

I would like to say a huge thankyou to everyone who has been following my journey this far, who has been liking, commenting and reading my posts, it means so much to me. You guys are keeping me accountable, in fact you’re almost like my no palm oil sponsors!


Lunch: I know this is very bad of me, but I must confess, I worked all the way through lunch. But I make up for it at dinner time, I promise!

Dinner: My dear friend Eleanor, who is currently studying her ass off to become a qualified veterinarian, finished her run of brain breaking exams for this semester! Hooray! To celebrate, we went out to dinner at one of our all time favourite restaurant, Veggie Bar! If you don’t know about Veggie Bar, I highly recommend you give it a try; it’s a fabulous vegetarian, vegan and raw foods restaurant in the heart of one of Melbourne’s more alternative suburbs. It’s also a place the both of us like to take some of our more skeptical friends to show them that things like lentils and chickpeas can be delicious if cooked properly.

You may have read in one of my earlier posts that I can only order one dish at Veggie Bar, because it is so yummy I can’t even think of ordering anything else. Today was no exception; I ordered a Duo Curry, one with lentils and potato, and another with chickpeas, with a side of brown rice, roti bread and minted yoghurt. I’m actually drooling a bit just thinking about it.
I did, however, also order dessert, which is not a common occurence for me at Veggie Bar.

This Vegan Ice cream Sandwich was incredible. Ice cream sandwiches are actually one of my favourite desserts, so when Eleanor pointed it out to me on the specials board, I was almost overcome with excitement and had to order one, even though I was already so full. Although a little difficult to eat, I figured out that if you break it open like an Oreo, it’s easily devourable. The soy ice cream was al little nuttier than usual, but it didn’t have that slimy texture that a lot of soy ice creams have, and the cookies were delish! My only regret is that eating so much amazing food in conjunction with a large amount of cider consumption left me with quite a hefty stomach ache. But it was totally worth it.

What’s your favourite restaurant?


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