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Day Seventeen


Hello Friends! Welcome to Day Seventeen, the most rebellious of all the days! This day has been sneaking out after lights out, getting drunk in parks and making out with boys she doesn’t even know the names of! But don’t worry, by the time she reaches day twenty three, she’ll realise that it was all pretty silly and she would much rather stay home drinking tea, crocheting and playing Bastian.

Before I launch into todays meals, I want to share with you a really cool twitter account that I found called @MrPalmOil, whose tag line reads “I am everywhere, near you, used by you. Follow me if you love me or love me not.” I think giving palm oil a personality is a really great trick, and although it is a relatively new account, all the information posted so far is interesting and relevant. Check it out if you would like to learn more about the palm oil industry!

Today was a lovely day, which I got to spend with some of the people I love most!

Brunch: Having not had a Sunday free in a while, Kyle and I decided to take advantage of this by organising a burnch with my grandparents, who I do not get to see as often as I would like. We took them to a cafe owned by a friend of his, called the Last Piece! Located in Waverly Park, this little cafe has been incoporated into the only remaining stand of the old Waverly Park football ground (both Kyle and my grandmother are avid Hawthorn supporters). Both of us has been to Atil’s cafe in St Kilda, Il Fornao, and this was just as impressive! The food was presented beautifully, and more importantly tasted wonderful, the coffee was great, and eveyone working there, even the people we didn’t know, was super nice. I ordered Buttermilk Pancakes with White Chocolate Sauce and Icecream, and it was, as always, devine. My mouth is watering just thinking about them…seriously. We stayed there for almost three hours, talking and eating and laughing; I love Sunday’s like those, I wish I could have them more often.

You would think that after such a rich lunch, I wouldn’t want to think about food for a while, and certainly not commit to anything big for dinner. Hmmm…
That night I went to my dear friend Laura’s house, who is going away soon with her boyfriend to Europe for a month! Lucky! A trip to Coles saw us loading up again on more delicious foods, a couple of which I couldn’t have (namely the savoys), but most of which I could. We had two types of cheese, Swiss and Blue, Olives, and four types of dip; broad bean hommous, regular hommous, a great carrot and chickpea did that Eleanor made, and Beetroot!


But that’s not all; Laura and I have a habit of inventing ridiculous dinners when we’re together, which often do not have much traditional value, but are always tasty nonetheless. This time we used potato as our key ingredient; the base layer was mashed potato smothered in homemade white sauce, and then covered with McCaine oven baked curly fries and gravy! I had to check both of these for the dreaded vegetable oil, but unless proven otherwise, I’m in the clear!


Dessert: Yogo, which, to my surprise, is palm oil free! Hooray!


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