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The Replacements Part Two

Today I took a trip to the delightful organic grocer Thomas Dux! This place is a mecca for alternative foods, from gluten free snack foods and raw cacao spreads to organic veggies and hardcore vegan foods.  The first time I walked into one of these stores, I felt extremely overwhelmed by all the wonderful foods I had been completely unaware of until that moment.

I decided to take a trip to the Thomas Dux on Bridge Road, in search of some yummy, organic, and or ethical snacks to distract me from all I’m missing out on. The excitement of searching through the plethora of natural goodies was akin to my feelings about going to the Original Lolly Store, except with healthier and more ethically produced outcomes.

Pirahna Chicca Chips in Chilli Cream Cheese

One of the many things I love about Thomas Dux is that there are legitimate free samples EVERYWHERE (I didn’t go around sticking toothpicks in lobsters ala Homer Simpson, I swear!) Every chip stand, every dried fruit section, almost everything that comes in a bite sized morsel has a little tasting bowl with something for you to try. And it was the free samples of these Chilli Cream Cheese Chicca Chips that resulted in them being added to my basket! One of the things I have sorely been missing is my Philedelphia Crèam cheese with Sweet Chilli Sauce, or as we affectionately like to refer to it, Sweet Chilli Philly. I thought this might be able to fill the void.
Perhaps it was a particularly flavour laden sample chip, or my expectations of them tasting like Sweet Chilli Philly, but I found these chips a little underwhelming. Being made from chickpeas, they had that distinct Vege chip taste and crunch, but the flavour, at least in my packet was a little lacking. Still, they were tasty enough, and I will go back to try some other flavours.

Green and Black’s Organic Hot Chocolate Mix

If you’ve been following this blog, you know that my love for Green and Black’s knows no bounds! So imagine my surprise and my excitement on finding this nestled in between my beloved blocks! I love hot chocolate, and have been using it recently, in conjunction with white tea, in order to ween myself off coffee, as I can no longer ignore how the amount of caffeine in coffee makes me anxious and shaky. That’s gotta mean I should stop drinking it, right?
I’ve been having trouble finding a hot chocolate mix that lives up to some of the cafés I’ve been to, but this comes damn close! I’ve been mixing it with a little bit of hot water, and then milk I’ve heated in the microwave, which keeps the smooth, rich chocolatey taste. You can actually taste the Green and Black’s signature flavour in the hot chocolate itself! It’s divine.

Macro Organic Corn Chips

I bought these organic corn chips in the hope of making, delicious organic nachos (Nachos are one of my favourite foods, I’ve already had them twice in the past week!). However, I regret to say that whilst shopping I fell into somewhat of a thought trap; if I’m shopping at this fabulous, organic, ethically minded supermarket, I won’t have to check products for palm oil, right?


Wrong! This couldn’t be more clearly labelled, but still I did not notice it until after I had made my purchases and left the shop. Doh!
I will be writing to Macro, to ask them whether their Organic Palm Oil meets the standards of the RSPO; I would assume so, considering they’ve gone to all the trouble of sourcing organic palm oil, but until I know for sure, my organic Nachos will have to wait. *Sigh*

If you would like to see what the wonderful world of Thomas Dux has to offer you, you can find the closest one to you at their website! Do you have a favourite organic grocer? Tell me about them!


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