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Day Eighteen

Hello friends! I would like to start this post once again, by sending out a huge thankyou to some lovely people who have showed their appreciation for my previous posts! So without further ado, a big thankyou to Jeffery from Photo Nature Blog for the follow, you should check out his amazing photography; I especially love his wildlife shots, breathtaking! I’d also like to give another shout out to virginiaplantation and alotonyourplate for some more lovely likes! Thanks guys! It’s a huge motivator to know that there are people out there not only reading this blog, but liking it!

You’re going to be so proud of me! I actually cooked breakfast you guys! And I’m not talking just throwing some toast in the toaster and smothering it in peanut butter, I made scrambled eggs! I was so excited, I forgot to take a photo, but you can take my word it, they were delicious!

Lunch: Leftover thai green curry and chocolate mousse. I’d been eyeing off this amazing Coles chocolate and white chocolate mousse dessert for a while, but seeing it is one of the few products on which palm oil is actually labelled, I couldn’t even pretend that it didn’t have any (not that I would do that). Thank god mum saved a serve of her amazing homemade, and incidentally palm oil free chocolate mousse from last nights dinner, or I might have cried.

Dinner: Chicken Kiev, and cheesy potato (a staple side dish in our family, cheesy potato is thinly sliced potatoes covered in grated cheese. Yum!)

Dessert:  Coles brand 97% fat free vanilla ice cream. Usually I don’t believe in fat free desserts, or fat free anything really. But that Nestle Chocopolitan ice-cream that’s just sitting in the fridge is killing me a little bit. This ice-cream alternative isn’t nearly as good, but it was enough to stop me from staring wistfully at the freezer door.

Are there any foods that are making you want to give in? Don’t worry, I’m feeling your pain! Let’s push through it together.


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