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Day Nineteen…and some reflections


Hello friends! I’m going to start this post off with a few reflections on my month without palm oil so far. If you are interested, please read on, but if you are not, you can just skip to the food porn at the end. I promise I won’t hold it against you!

It is bizarre to think that it has taken the potential extinction of a collection of already endangered species for me to start thinking about the types of foods Both family and friends have been trying for years to get to eat healthier, or at least less processed and nutrient empty, sugar loaded foods in favour of more vegetables and fruits. And I’ve never really taken their words to heart, despite the fact that the impact of changing my diet for health reasons would be a lot more immediate, and seemingly more important within my personal sphere, than the effects of palm oil on the world around me.

You can see from my food diaries, even now, that I won’t hesitate to consume something that is bad for me, as soon as I find out that it doesn’t have palm oil in it (my dinner for today is a prime example). I guess I find it strange to think that I care so much about the survival of species I’m not genetically related to, even more so than the prospect of my own death. For me, right now, the health benefits of cutting out these foods is not the reason I’m doing this; it’s an added bonus. Hopefully I can change this, too, as time goes on and I get a better handle on planning out my diet.

Perhaps I’m still arrogant enough to think that I’m going to live forever.

Breakfast: Tea; back to my old habits it would seem

Lunch: Stirfry Hokkien noodles with pork and vegetables from the thai kiosk

Dinner: Nacho Parma from the Rochester Hotel (we came 5th in Trivia, I had to find some comfort somewhere)


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