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Day Twenty


Hello friends! Today I am two thirds of my way through the my no palm oil challenge! Thankyou to everyone who has stuck with me this far, you guys are keeping me accountable! Who knows how quickly I might have given up (my will power is usually akin to the consistency of chocolate pudding….mmm pudding).

I have to say that I feel as though I’ve reached the plateau in terms of my cravings for palm oil products; I no longer think about, or yearn for them unprovoked, and when I do get a craving, I’ve already made sure that there is always something close at hand to distract me, something as equally delicious (or even more so) as the thing I am craving. I’ve learned that it’s not so much about eliminating the desire for certain foods, as it is about knowing how to deal with this cravings as they come, that makes giving up palm oil easier.

Breakfast: Tea

Lunch:Thai green curry; seriously, leftovers are the gift that just keeps on giving (until of course it goes off). I also had a bottle of Phoenix Organic Raspberry Fizz, which was amazing! If you don’t know about Phoenix already, theyre an organic beverafe company from New Zealand that specialises in making organic, ethically produced soft drinks. And man, are they delicious! I couldn’t go back to drinking Coke after I had their Organic Cola, and not just for ethical reasons!

Stirfry beef and vegetables, with rice.

Dessert: 97% fat free Coles Vanilla Icream. The Nestle Chocopolitan is still in fridge, just taunting me! In order to satiate the call, I treated myself to a bowl of this icecream instead, and although it’s not nearly as good taste wise, it filled the icecream hole inside me enough to make not being able to have the more delicious and yet unethical brand of icecream bareable.


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