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Day Twenty Three and some more reflections.

Hello Friends. I would like to share with you some more reflections on this past month, now that it is drawing to a close; with work quieting down during the winter months, it has given me a lot of time to think and contemplate. Once again, if this isn’t your thing, please skip down until you see what I had for Breakfast. I bet you can guess what it is!

One of the many things this challenge has made me realise is that I am completely unaware of my own capabilities. The desire to live a cleaner, greener lifestyle has always been there, hiding in the darker corners of my brain, but I guess I’ve never really believed in myself enough to put them into practice. I guess I’m still holding onto a lot of fear; fear of what people will think, fear of what I might have to give up, and most of all fear that I might fail. I suppose I’m finding it harder to make the transition because I didn’t grow up around particularly eco centric people or an eco centric household. I don’t hold any of this against my family, not at all, I guess it’s just meant that I have to fend for myself in terms of gathering information and making my own changes; I’ve had to force the idea into the forefront of my mind.

I’ve been trying to do this for a good year now, and yet not of eco practices I’ve taken on have stuck. Finally, I know why! It’s because I was trying to take on too many things at once; I tried to cut out palm oil and all products that test on animals, to only by ethical cosmetics and fair trade coffee and clothes that don’t violate human rights or harm the environment. I know now that for me, becoming a fully fledged ethical consumer is going to take time if I want everything to stick, because I’m going to have to re learn all my old habits.

Giving up palm oil was difficult at first, but over the past couple of weeks it has become easier, so much so that I found the limit I thought I had reached could be stretched even further, given more patience and time.

From this, I guess you could say that I’ve formed my own little philosophy on become an ethical consumer; I sure do admire the people who can drop everything unethical just like that, but that’s not me. So this is what I believe: Don’t let the idea of not being able to do everything you want to scare you away from doing what you can. Spend some time at the edges of those limits you set yourself, and then see if you can push past them. You never know what you’re capable of, until you try.

Breakfast: Organic white tea with vanilla

Lunch: Hot Chocolate and a Raspberry Muffin. The line at the Thai Kiosk was too long for my half hour lunch break 😦

Dinner: Today was another of those ‘you have to do all this and be here and you only have this much time to do it’ days. Thus, I had to wolf down a simple meal of pasta and parmesan cheese whilst changing from work clothes to party clothes and packing more work clothes for tomorrow and doing my hair and finding my shoes and  *collapse*

Dessert: Lick Pier Alcoholic Ginger Beer (my most favourite drink) and assorted housewarming party snacks. Sadly, no chips for me, but they did have little Lindt Chocolate Squares, and some delicious homemade brownies. And I got to play with a kitten


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