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Day Twenty Two

Hello friends! How was your weekend?

Before we start, I have to say thankyou to Ray from urbanwallart for liking Day Sixteen. I love street art, and the work I’ve just seen on your own blog is wonderful! Thankyou for taking the time to read and like my work!

Breakfast: My plan worked! Not only did I try some of my delicious new Organic White Tea with Vanilla, I also had two pieces of toast, smothered in my new Blackberry and Raspberry Conserve from the Regimental Condiment Company! That’s pretty much a real breakfast! Success!

Lunch:However, having spent a lot of  my precious pre running to catch the bus to work time on making breakfast, I forgot to pack lunch. Not to worry, a quick trip to the Zoo Bakery got me a scrummy Spinach and Ricotta Roll. Not too shabby!

Dinner: After an after work beer at Tsubu, I went for dinner at Kyle’s house; his mum made us a hearty hokkien noodles stirfry, with chicken, onion and broccoli; one way to get me to eat my broccoli is to smother it in sticky sauce. Yummm!

Dessert: A week or two ago, I bought some blocks of Lindt Chocolate from Coles, and I left one at Kyle’s by accident. I didn’t think there would be any left by now, but lo and behold a few squares remained for us to indulge in; we polished them off while watching Morgan Spurlock’s Comicon Movie. Bliss.


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