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Day Twenty Five

Hello Friends! Today I completed the second sweet treat in my replacing Arnotts biscuits with palm oil free alternatives! This week I’ve chosen …drumroll please… Caramel Slice! The full post will be up very soon, but until then, let me just say that they ain’t pretty, but they certainly make up for that taste wise!

Breakfast: Toast with my Regimental conserve, and Organic White Tea. They’re my new Sanatarium All Natural Peanut Butter

Lunch: Potato and Leek Soup. Today was a perfect day for soup, just as it was a perfect day for staying inside and organising my iTunes and catching up on blogging/ episodes of Girls.

Snacks: What I’ve very Humbly named Tegan’s Kick Ass Palm Oil Free Caramel Slice. Yeah.

Dinner: Pork Fritters and Potato Gems (or Tater Tots for all my American reader friends).


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  1. Palm oil makes a great ingredient for food, and its cheap for soap. And the likes of the Moi people of Western Papua, pay for it with their very existence. It’s nice to see people paving the way for the good of indigenous peoples being displaced by unscrupulous palm oil production.

    • Hi! Thankyou for reading and commenting :)! I totally agree, palm oil is an important food ingredient and an essential part of these people’s economy! It’s just the way it’s being harvested, and at what cost to the environment, that upsets me. I love the work you’re doing with Milk Relief Soap, and your website is great, very informative! I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out! 🙂


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