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Day Twenty Seven

Hello friends! Before we begin with today’s feedings, I would like to share with you a couple of things happening on the conservation front that might make you smile!

First of all, a healthy baby Sumatran Rhinoceros calf has been born at the Sumatran Rhino sanctuary in Indonesia’s Way Kambas National Park, the first one in the institutions history! There are less than 200 of these beautiful creatures left in the wild, with the most prevalent causes of death being poaching and habitat lost (for palm oil plantations, no less!!!) So this new birth is so exciting! It’s seriously made my day! You can check out the full article about this little guy at Zoo Borns, and I dare you to try not get all gooey eyed over the pictures of him, cos he’s seriously adorable.

Also, the World Wildlife Fund has begun what they like to refer to as a twitterstorm, in which they tweet about a particular issue and encourage others to do the same to gain awareness and rally support. This time it’s for the tigers; with the hashtag ‘text4tigers’, WWF are encouraging people living in the US to text Tigers to 20222, to donate $10 to help save them from an almost inevitable fate of extiction. Click here to find out more, or if you’re like me and live overseas, you can donate online! Tigers, especially in areas of South East Asia (where a lot of the land is being used for palm oil plantations), are in huge danger of extinction, due to loss of habitat, isolation, poaching and conflict with humans. So please, instead of buying those two packets of Tim Tams, or even those blocks of Green and Blacks, maybe you could lend these guys a hand? Leave me a comment if you do, and I’ll be happy to shamelessly plug any blogs or projects you’re working on!

Ok, I think that’s it! Onwards to breakfast!

Breakfast: Vegemite toast, which real butter, that Kyle microwaved for me because I can’t have his table spread. Naww.

Lunch: Today was so busy! All I managed to chow down were two Caramello Koalas from the tea room *sigh* At least Cadbury uses sustainable palm oil!

Dinner: Thankfully, my dinner was a lot healthier! Hokkien stirfry with chicken, snowpeas, onion and capsicum.

Dessert: Some of my Kick Ass Palm Oil Free Caramel Slice.


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