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A Letter to … Arnott’s Australia

This is the big one!! Arnotts makes the products that I had the hardest time giving up, including my beloved Mint Slice, so I really hope that they not only get back to me, but they have some good new for me, too! If you would like to send a letter to Arnotts, that would be great! You can do so by leaving them feedback here, or send them a more formal hard copy letter! We might not be able to make them good for our health, but together we can try to make them better for the world!

To Whom It May Concern

Hello! My name is Tegan Webb, and I am contacting you, the makers of many of my favorite biscuits, including Tim Tams, Caramel Crowns, Royals, and Mint Slice, to not only commend you on a delicious products, but I was hoping you could answer a couple of my questions regarding this particular product.

I have recently embarked on a personal quest, of sorts, to only buy products that contain sustainably sourced palm oil, for ethical reasons. As I’m sure you would have heard, palm oil plantations are the major course of deforestation in many parts of South East Asia, and as an animal lover this concerns me a lot. I did notice that they contain Vegetable Oils and or Fats, and as palm oil is not required to be labelled I wanted to ask you if this palm oil sustainably sourced in accordance with the Round Table of Sustainable Palm Oil Criteria and, if not, would you ever consider switching to the use of sustainable palm oil?

Thankyou again for your fabulous food products, and I really hope the answer to my questions is yes, because I don’t want to have to give them up!

Thankyou for your time, I hope to hear from you soon! You can contact me at my email or at the address provided above.

Yours Sincerely

Tegan Elizabeth Webb


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  1. We admire your efforts to make a difference. It’s not easy, we know.

    Where do you draw the line between sustainable and unsustainable palm oil? It’s a hard question. (titled “The Sustainability Lie”)

    • Thankyou for showing me this video! It’s very distressing. Do you know if Wilmar obtained the sustainability certificate from the RSPO? I’m hoping they are more thorough in enforcing their own regulations and holding companies accountable, but I suppose it’s hard to be sure. Labels are a good way to inform consumers, but they are useless if the companies aren’t complying with what they put on their packages. In any case I will certainly be staying clear of Wilmar!

  2. This is a very interesting article. It makes it difficult to know who to trust/believe, I guess we just have to take in as much information as we can and try and decide for ourselves. I just recieved a reply from Arnott’s actually, saying that they are pushing to be 100% RSPO sustainable palm oil by 2015. This is exciting, I just hope that what they switch to truely is sustainable, and not being grown in illegally logged forest.

  3. Just wondering if you have thought about creating a campaign on facebook to get Tim Tam fans to voice their concerns about the palm oil issue?… perhaps something akin to this –

    • I have been thinking about starting a petition for a little while now, but there are already quite a few petitions on this topic, so I’m still trying to work out how to approach it uniquely; I don’t want to be copying anyones idea.


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