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The World Wild Life Fund
WWF provide great information about what unsustainable Palm Oil farming is doing to the environement, and also has this great Palm Oil Buyer’s Scorecard, which you can download and see how the manufacturers and retailers of your favourite products measure up!
(Arnotts didn’t do too well, *sigh*)

The Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil

If you want to get into the nitty gritty of what makes a palm oil plantation sustainable, this would be your first point of call. They can answer pretty much any question that you can think of about the palm oil industry, and then some. They also have a great time line of milestones that shows how far RSPO and the sustainable palm industry has come since 2003! It’s good to see how much we’ve already made a difference!

Green Palm
This took me a little while to get my head around. Green Palm GreenPalm allowpalm oil producers who can prove that they are being environmentally and socially responsible, not destroying primary forests and making plans to improve how they run their plantation, to earn a financial premium. They have lots of great diagrams that will probably explain it a lot better than I can, so you should definitely check out their site.

Palm Oil Action
This website is a great resource for getting involved; not only do they have the info, you can download petitions, example letters, guides for who to write to, and even postcards to send to some of the big name offenders, including Coles, Woolworths and even Arnotts!

Say No To Palm Oil

This site has some pretty extensive lists of products that use unsustainable palm oil, have switched or are switching to CSPO, or have no palm oil in them at all.

The Truth in Labelling
This website focuses on the issues with companies sticking palm oil under the ‘Vegetable’ oil umbrella, and what we can do to get palm oil not only labelled as a seperate ingrediant in foods, but also to has special labels on foods that use Certified Sustainable Palm Oil, thus giving people a clear choice.

Zoos Victoria: Don’t Palm Us Off
The Don’t Palm Us Off campain initiated by Zoos Victoria is currently raising public awareness of the impacts of deforestation for palm oil plantations on the orangutans and Sumatran Tigers in South East Asia. You can visit their Act Wild site to see all the great work they’re doing, and how you can help them in their efforts to get the Truth in Labelling Bill through Parliment.

They also put together this gem of a film with some of my favourite comedians supporting the campaign! So if you’re not going to listen to me, listen to Tom Ballard!

I think Josh Thomas says it best when he says “When they make it, they kill tigers, which is bad!”

Ethical Consumer Guide
This is a very comprehensive website on all the different issues that come up when you’re trying to decide what to make for dinner. While it’s very easy to navigate, the amount of information on the site can be at times overwhelming; they themselves suggest choosing one issue at a time when trying change your buying and eating habits. I’ve been using their ShopEthical! 2012 app to help me decide what to cross of my shopping list when I can’t figure out if it is filled with the dodgey kind of Palm Oil, and it always works a treat!


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